Informed, Connected, and Thriving  Children and Families

Special Kids, Special Care and NICU Consortium Partnership’s goal is to connect with families while still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) so that they receive a “warm handoff” as they transition home to the important community resources and to knowledgeable community providers who are able to provide needed social-emotional support and developmental follow-up needed in the months to follow.

Please contact us if you need a connection to community resources or services.

If you have questions about how to connect with community support services or resources, you may contact Special Kids, Special Care by sending us an email at [email protected].  We will reach out to you within 24 hours.  We also encourage you to go to the FOR FAMILIES webpage for special community resources.

Our Goal

Families of premature babies and babies who need special care are connected, confident, and comfortable in caring for their baby and have access to support, discharge and developmental follow-up, and parent education from knowledgeable healthcare and early childhood professionals

How are we doing it?

♥    FAMILY SUPPORT  – By creating local communities of support, parent education, resources, and follow-up, families will be aware of resources to cushion the emotional stress resulting from the NICU hospitalization of their baby

♥    PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION – Through our education programs,  healthcare providers and early interventionist will be skilled in caring for both babies and their families after a NICU hospital

♥   NICU CONSORTIUM PARTNERSHIP – By bringing hospital NICU staff, community providers, and interested community partners we will create a community of supports for families transitioning from the NICU to their home and community


At this time we know that many families are struggling due to the loss of their jobs and other difficulties.  We want to provide families of babies in the NICU, or who have been in the NICU, with assistance in meeting their basic needs when there are no other resources available.  We would appreciate any donation amount.  We will see that it goes to the families most in need.

Thank you for your consideration.

How Your Donation Supports Families

Please Donate Now

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please send an email to  We would love to hear from you