Safe First Year for Health Professionals



Premature infants are at greater risk for infant mortality due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Unknown Infant Death Syndrome (SUID), especially infant born to families facing health Inequities.  As a result, Special Kids, Special Care has provided wearable sleep sacs and infant cribs through Cribs for Kids®  to families of premature and medically fragile infants transitioning home from the NICU through the NICU staff and public health nurses.

We are also partnering with the Colorado Infant Safe Sleep initiative to identify education materials and resources.   


Safe Sleep Going Home Program Forms

Safe Sleep Going Home Program Sleep Sac Wearable Blanket Information and Request Form

Family Support Grant Program 2019 Family Support Grant Information and Application Revised


Safe First Year

The death of an infant in the first year of life is one of the most devastating challenges a parent can face.  We have developed this Web page for professionals and especially parents so that they can easily access information, resources, and education that will help to ensure that all infants have a “Safe First Year.”

Professionals – Curriculum Resources

We ask that healthcare professionals who submit a request for an infant crib through the Family Support Grant Program review the following education materials provided by Cribs for Kids(R).

 After reviewing the following education materials, you will be able to understand the following:

  1. The evidence that supports the “Back to Sleep” initiative. The ABC’s of Safe Sleep – What Every Caregiver Should Know

      CribsforKids National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative

2.   Ten safety measures parents need to be aware of to keep their baby safe the first year of life

      Cribs for Kids Flip Chart Safe Sleep for Your Baby

3.    How to set Up the Portable Playard Pak n’ Play

        Video Link:  Portable Payard Pak n’ Play Set Up

4.     Location for Cribs for Kids Parent Education Materials

       ABC’s Brochure English

       ABC’s Brochure Spanish



5.     Location of Cribs for Kids(R) Resources – Cribs for Kids(R) Safe Sleep Academy

6.     First Candle Video  Safe Sleep by First Candle

7.     NICHD (National Institute on Child Health and Development) Parent Education Video –  NICHD Safe Sleep for Your Baby

8.    SKSC Cribs for Kids Hold Harmless Agreement



NICHD Learn more about ways to practice safe infant sleep and breastfeeding


Additional Resources

Colorado Infant Safe Sleep Initiative Resources Colorado Safe Sleep Training and Resource Page 

NICHD and NIH Safe To Sleep Website

NICHD_Safe_to_Sleep_brochure- General





Parent Education and Resources

Cribs for Kids Materials 

       ABC’s Brochure English

       ABC’s Brochure Spanish




Website Links

       CDC Safe Sleep and SIDS Information for Parents and Caregivers

       National Institute for Child Health and Development

       AAP Healthy Children Website – Safe Sleep Information for Parents

       Safe Sleep by First Candle