Parent Resources

The following lists a variety of resources that are valuable to families.

Connecting with Community Resources and Coordination of Care
Breastfeeding Support
Mental Health Resources
Developmental Assessments and Interventions
Insurance and Medicaid Assistance
Respite Services
Family Resources
Preemie Parent Support

Special Information For Parents of Preemies

Safe Sleep

safe_sleepingPremature babies as well as other babies discharged from the NICU are at greater risk of Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore we want their parents, as well as the parents of all babies, to understand how they can assure “safe sleep” for their babies. To learn more check out these web sites.

Smoking Cessation

We want to support parents who wish to avoid smoking around their baby because of the harmful effects it has on both the baby’s current health as well as future health.  These two resources are available to provide parents with assistance in their efforts.