The quarterly NICU Consortium Education Programs are are held on the last Wednesday of January, April, July, and October from 9 AM to 11:45 AM with a break between 10:30 AM and 10:45 AM. The Program are in person and by Webinar.  The programs provide opportunities for learning about the needs of premature, medically fragile, and at-risk infants and their families as well as opportunities for networking with other health and early education professionals and family advocates.

Next NICU Consortium Education Program – July 31, 2019
9:00:am to 11:45 am

Welcome and  Introductions

Partner Updates

NICU Consortium Committee Reports

Using Telehealth for Children in Early Intervention

Becky Cohill, OTD, OTR/L                                                                               

Assistant Professor, University of St. Augustine

Judy Delaware, OTR,                                                                                               

Louisville, Colorado

Families Perspective of Telehealth 

Moderator:  Beth Cole                                                                                                 

Provider Relations Manager                                                                                       

Early Intervention

Jeanie Larsen, Service Coordinator                                                                         

Ashley Myers, Service Coordinator                                                                           

Mesa County Developmental Services

Missy Oiler, Service Coordinator                                                                               

North Metro 

2019 Upcoming Education Programs: October 30, 2019

NICU Consortium Partnership

What is the NICU Consortium Partnership?

The NICU Consortium Partnership is a coalition of local public health staff, early intervention staff, NICU staff, primary care providers and community agencies seeking to promote “a coordinated system of discharge and follow-up for families transitioning home from the NICU” by promoting best practices through education and systems building efforts.

What does the NICU Consortium Partnership Do?

Establishes priorities and activities of the Partnership in order to achieve the Partnership’s Mission                                                   

Convenes the Partnership Meeting every four months to provide updates on community resources and the system building efforts                                     

Supports connections among NICU staff, local public health nursing care coordination services, early intervention developmental services, community agencies, primary care providers and parent support groups

What is the Structure of the NICU Consortium Partnership?

The Partnership Leadership Council consists of a Leadership Committee and the chair/co-chairs of four workgroups, a parent representative, and representatives from the community. The four workgroups establish their priorities for 1-2 years and then work together to achieve them, often working in collaboration with each other. Through these efforts, they are providing the foundation and supports system that supports both families in the NICU and home as well as the healthcare providers who care for them.


Leadership Committee
Chair Petora Manetto-Spratt
Co-chair Lisa Hymes
Secretary Carolyn Kwerneland
Treasurer Beth Cole

Workgroup Chairs
Mental Health Emily McNeil
Capacity Building Kristin Frank
Development Evelin Gomez
Family Engagement Natalie Gates

Community Representatives
Parents – Amber Minogue
Physician – Sharon Langedoerfer, MD
Renee Charlifue-Smith, CCC, SLP – JFK Partners

NICU Consortium Partnership Meetings are Open to All

Participation is open to all providers and advocates working families of premature, medically fragile and at-risk infants. Meetings are held three times a year, Winter, Spring, and Fall. To receive information about the NICU Consortium Partnership Meetings, sign up on the Special Kids, Special Care Website under Contact Us and sign up for the newsletter.

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NICU Consortium Membership Closed for 2019 

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