Family Support Grants



Our Family Support Grants Program support families of premature and medically fragile at-risk babies who are in need of health, developmental, safety or family support needs not covered by other means.  Special Kids, Special Care Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, is able to provide these Family Support Grants thanks to our generous donors and grantors.

 Services we are able to support include:

  • Infant cribs and safe sleep education materials in either English or Spanish, from Cribs for KidsĂ’, to facilitate and support safe sleep practices for families who do not have a safe location for their baby to sleep.  These cribs meet the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safe sleep guidelines.
  • In-home Lactation Consultation to support healthy infant feeding practices, continuation of breastfeeding, mental health support and parent-child attachment after NICU stay
  • Respite care to support parental mental health and family well-being.
  • Equipment to support infant development and safety

Public health nurses, early interventionist, primary care providers’ staff or other health or early education providers who are familiar with the families and their available resources in their local community may submit the Family Support Grant (FSG) Applications.  This ensures that the families not only receive the Family Support Grant but also are connected with other local community supports as well as any needed follow-up.  Information on the Family Support Grant is confidential thus please send by fax or encrypted e-mail.  

Family Support Grants are available for health support services and other assistance that is not covered by other programs, organizations, or insurance for families in Colorado thanks to our generous donors and grantors.

All information on the one page Family Support Grant Application is considered confidential and we maintain HIPAA confidentiality requirements.


2019 Family Support Grant Information and Application – Revised

2019 Family Support Grant Application Revised – pdf completion

2019 Family Support Grant Application Revised




Newborn Hope

Newborn Hope

Newborn Hope – for their grant supporting the “Safe Sleep Going Home” Program and the Family Support Grant Program for parents of babies discharged from the NICU.

Special Kids, Special Care

 University Hills Rotary Club

University Hills Rotary – For their support of the “Safe Sleep Going Home” Program providing infant sleep sacs and safe sleep materials to the hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICU) for families transitioning to home.