Providing Essential Health Support Services and Education for

Families of Premature, Medically Fragile and At-risk Infants,

Young Children,and their Healthcare Providers.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assure that parents of premature, medically fragile, and at-risk infants and young children have access to support services, health information and community resources that support and optimize their child’ physical health and social-emotional development.

Our Goal

Families of premature and medically fragile at-risk infants and young children are connected with community support services, confident and capable in the care of their child, have access to
developmental follow-up parent education and support from knowledgeable and experienced healthcare and education professionals, especially families who face health disparities.


November 17, 2018 World Prematurity Day

Celebrating the Journey of Special Babies and Their Families – Program Link


How You Can Help Us

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